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zodiac signs lucky in love in 2021

if we were to follow the laws of karma, we would say that we make our own luck and that what we offer is what we receive back, including in love. Astrology tells us, on the other hand, that every person is born with a certain degree of luck in love, influenced by the astrological sign.

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Find out how lucky you are in love depending on your zodiac sign!

Luck in love in 2021 according to zodiac signs


The natives of this sign are often irresistible due to their energy and passion, but what blurs their luck in love is the fact that they are extremely stubborn and get bored quickly. Although they have many adventures and passionate nights, they will not immediately find their half, especially since they are very capricious.


Earth signs lack that spark that rekindles an old love over and over again. They have qualities that make them last in long relationships and yet, sometimes, bad luck seems to follow them and everything ends unexpectedly. The real luck of the Bulls would be to meet stable people like them, who want a family. In our times, however, this sign does not seem to be the most advantageous from a sentimental point of view.


charming and intelligent, Gemini have no problems when they want to conquer someone. Even with them, however, we cannot talk about luck in love, if their whole love life is a series of adventures from which they emerge as quickly as they entered. A Gemini native who wants to sit at his house will quickly find his half, because he is open, curious and sociable.


the most emotional in the zodiac, Cancers change their mood just as the weather changes. They can be happy and optimistic now, so that in the next minute they fall into a state of deep sadness. They do not consider themselves too lucky in terms of love, because they give a lot in relationships and rarely receive back as much as they give. However, things are not so black, and Cancer could increase his luck in love on his own if he realized that it is not good to be so precipice.


Because it is much easier for a fire sign to fall in love and love with unbridled passion, Leo does not often have problems in love. He attracts people like a magnet and the chance often smiles on him. A man confident in his strength, Leo delights those around him, but a deviation to pride eventually drives them away. Therefore, the more temperate Leo is much luckier than the one with the ego as much as the house.


You will often see a Virgo who does not find her mate quickly. In fact, many natives remain alone until an older age. It cannot be said about Virgos that they are very lucky in love, maybe also because they have unrealistic expectations from relationships. Even alone, however, they do better than most people because they are pragmatic and intelligent.


Although they are less fortunate in love than other natives, Libra has something of their own that makes them always courted. Indecision and insecurity specific to the zodiac are those that overshadow the chance when it occurs, so this astrological sign should not hope for more luck from somewhere in the universe, but to work on your own person and gain determination.


with all the difficulties that arise in their lives, the natives somehow manage to rise above the problems of any kind. This also applies in love, and Scorpio can be considered lucky that the stars have endowed him with qualities that help him quickly find and keep the right person for him.


because the planet Jupiter is that of luck, we could say that Sagittarius is the luckiest sign, but when it comes to romance, things are not like that. It cannot be said that he has bad luck, but the adventurous nature makes the native leave aside the romance, in order to plan his next trip. Sometimes Sagittarians seem to have a lot of luck, so they could find half of it by chance, even in one of their many adventures.


like the other earth signs, Capricorns have enough difficulties in love. It is very difficult for them to open and they cannot find a suitable person because they want to sea with salt. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale and all people have flaws, and if the natives do not learn to be more tolerant and less pretentious, they will not have much luck in love.


It cannot be said about Aquarius that he is out of the way lucky in love, but he is certainly not unlucky either. In vain would he smile at the great chance of his life, if he is permanently airborne. The natives have thousands of concerns, and love becomes a priority only later in life. However, when they are looking for their half, the charming and interesting nature helps them, and Cupid seems to be their accomplice.


This water sign suffers a lot throughout its life due to lost loves. Maybe he often wonders why he is not lucky in love and one answer could be this: because there are few people who would not get to take advantage of the goodness of this sign. And yet, if hope is not lost, Pisces will eventually be able to find someone to appreciate them as they deserve!

Luck in love has a lot to do with the nature and openness of everyone, and the stars have a say in this regard. However, it is in the power of every person to change for the better and to improve his chances for a love like in stories.

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