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What Lies Women Tell According to the Sign

We all hide the truth from time to time or beautify it, we have to admit. Sometimes we are forced by circumstances, other times we try to improve reality or, why not, change it.


Virgo detachedly ranks first in the top of lying women, being a master of lies. On the other hand, the Aquarius native is the most shy when it comes to fables. “I didn’t even see you!”, “I didn’t receive your e-mail!” Or “Right now I’m working on the project you’re talking about” are the favorite lies of women who are born under the sign of Scorpio.


You can’t talk about something pathological, but you can’t help it either. You lie when the interlocutor bores you and sprinkle the dialogue with “it’s understandable”, “perfectly agree”. They help you when you want to look like a good listener. Find out here the most common lies that the other signs tell.


Super-skilled in this field, it is almost impossible to catch women born under the protection of this astral sign with a lie. You can look into their eyes as much as you want, because you won’t notice any nerve spasms and no eyelashes will fall out when they lie. They are pleasant, they are delightful to talk about and it is hard not to believe them.

They usually like to tell you what you want to hear. Let’s say you have a not-so-appropriate outfit, and you know that your coral dress doesn’t go with pink shoes, but she, the one born in Gemini, will tell you with a smile on her face and a serene face: “It looks great on you! What a successful combination! ”


Convinced family members, the natives born in this sign choose to lie only when they have to protect you from something that could hurt you or not to hurt your feelings. When she is in the middle of a breakup, it is the woman in Cancer who says, “It’s not your fault, it’s me.”


Lies flow smoothly to women born in the sign of Leo and tend to dramatize or exaggerate the speech to attract the attention of others. It often distorts the gossip heard from others. Most of the time, I lie to appear grandiose in front of others. She doesn’t believe her when she brags about her boring job, but very well paid, she just wants to make you envious of her success.


Do you know women born in the virgin zodiac and you want to know what lies women tell by zodiac sign? Be very careful, it is said about Virgos that they can plan the perfect crime without ever being discovered. They often lie when they feel embarrassed and want to do that at all costs. If, by absurdity, the woman with this zodiac sign is suspected of lying, she will do her best to defend herself with logical but untrue arguments, and will still fall to her feet, like a cat.


They are born to be pleasant to talk about and, if they are forced to lie, they will do excesses in their sentimental life. I’m not always telling the truth about the lucky number of men who went through bedding. They like to tell their boyfriends that they are the best lovers, even if it’s not always like that, and they often mimic orgasm, just to please their partners.


It’s hard to catch a scorpion with a lie, because it always prepares an entire scenario before it opens its mouth. A woman born in this sign prefers to resort to lies like “You were, I didn’t even see you?” Or “Hey, I just wanted to call you!”.


In general, those born in Sagittarius do not like to make up stories and are often honest, preferring to tell the green truth in the face rather than lie. But if they have to, they will lie in a grade ten style. You can hear from them “I would have liked very, very much to see each other, but I managed to announce that I was going elsewhere”.


The woman ruled by this sign does not give in to the wind after lies, but uses them from time to time. He usually associates them with his career. When I say that they are very good at work, they have wonderful colleagues and jumpers, and the profit is increasing due to them, to raise an eyebrow up, because it is not the pure truth. They like to flatter their boss to get a raise.


If you want to find out what lies women tell about the zodiac sign, find out that Aquarius natives are too comfortable to invent stories or are afraid that they will forget important details. Their lies are innocent and often have the role of not hurting the feelings of others: “I would like to keep in touch”, “I have to leave”, “Ha! Ha! ha!… how funny is it! ”or“ Did you cook? It’s delicious! ”


Also in the category of those who lie not to hurt others are women born in the sign of Pisces, known as empathetic beings. Instead of telling you, “I don’t have time to listen to you talk nonsense,” he’ll tell you, “I’m a little busy now, let me finish, and let’s talk.”

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