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What keeps you from being happy in love in 2021 according to your zodiac sign

Do you think that you are your greatest enemy? It’s true that the prospect of being happy can sometimes be intimidating, so we find ways to convince ourselves that we’ve never had a chance or that we didn’t really want that. Sometimes we repeat the same mistakes or prefer to sabotage ourselves when we are about to get what we want, and the way we do it can be influenced by the stars.

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Browse the gallery and find out what keeps you from finding your love, depending on the sign you were born in!


The challenge for Aries is to make a relationship last. The natives of this fire sign quickly fall in love, but tend to end a relationship with the same speed. You know exactly what you want from a long-term partner, but you always end up falling in love with the wrong person who will break your heart.


You have already formed an idyllic image of the relationship you want, so you are ready to give up everything at the first sign that things are not going according to plan. Learn to appreciate more what you have. It’s not as bad as you think!


You don’t have the slightest problem revealing your spontaneous and extroverted side to others, but when it comes to expressing your emotions, you turn into a hermetic person, terrified of the possibility of being vulnerable. Don’t be shy to open up to people you know you can trust!


Cancer natives are sensitive and affectionate, but they have a bad habit of falling in love with the most inappropriate people. Even when you know a person’s typology well enough and can predict the outcome of the story, the conservation instinct no longer seems to work. Which can only complicate things, because sensitive Cancers do not easily get over a breakup …


Lions find their emotional comfort by exercising control over their partner. Therefore, when they find themselves unable to control every aspect of the relationship, they tend to lose interest. Accept that you can’t control every detail and do a confidence exercise – you might be surprised how well things can go!


As in any other aspect of their lives, Virgos seek perfection especially when it comes to the couple’s relationship. What may seem like a virtue is, in reality, a vice: perfection does not exist, and the high standards that Virgos have only create disappointments! It is not a sign of weakness to lower the standards a little, but only of realism!


The independent nature of Libra determines them to always act according to their own desires and to ignore the needs of those around them. The outcome? Many potential suitors perceive their individuality as a lack of interest! Make sure you remind your partner that your independent personality is not a wake-up call or a lack of empathy, just that you need space.


If Scorpios had to identify a common point of love failures, perhaps that would not be the possessiveness they show, but the intensity of their emotions! The strength and clarity with which he expresses his feelings can sometimes prove overwhelming, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Keep your energy reserves for the more advanced stages of a love affair. This aspect will keep the passion high!


Even when they seem to have found their soul mate, Sagittarians continue to wonder if they are missing a better game. Their instability can erode even solid relationships, strengthened over the years. Learn to look for novelty in familiar places – with your inexhaustible reserves of imagination, not even relationships more than a decade old have lost their potential to surprise you


Most people don’t really get a chance to access that funny, detached side of your personality – is it any wonder that a potential partner sees you as a cold, intangible person? It is not wrong to be selective with the people you allow to know you, but you must be aware that most of them do not have unlimited reserves of patience.


Air signs, Aquarius find emotional security in their ability to detach when things take on a deeper dimension. In reality, however, the strength they gain from refusing to get emotionally deprived deprives them of a lot of experience! Try to be vulnerable from time to time and open your heart to your loved ones. You will discover a world full of fulfillment!


Pisces want nothing more than excellence from their partner and are not willing to compromise. With a mental image already formed down to the smallest detail, they often end up overlooking valuable people, simply because they do not fit their idea of ​​“Mr. Right “. Try to be more flexible! You might be surprised at the turn things can take!

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