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The Most Violent Zodiac Signs in 2021

The aggressiveness of the zodiac signs is aroused for various reasons, it manifests itself differently, and the way in which it can be understood, controlled or used constructively is different for each native. In the following, we review the most violent signs.

The famous astrology site predicts that the 2021 horoscope will be beneficial for water signs, the earth signs not having a very good one.

Aggression is a human reaction to danger, but it can also be a reaction aroused by a look, harsh speech or attitude. Zodiac sign behaviors can range from the most violent physical attacks to harsh verbal attacks or tacit but calculated reactions. Here are the most violent signs:


Aries is among the most aggressive signs, being ruled by Mars, the God of War. The Aries native is very impulsive, so he strikes first, then asks for explanations. He is angry, but calms down quickly and does not harbor resentment. Physical exercise, but only those sports that do not require competitiveness, help him calm down and put his worries aside. Aries is jealous and aggressive in the relationship and considers that these manifestations are, in fact, expressions of affection.


In the case of Taurus, the aggression is not a direct one, but tacit, latent, it manifesting itself with great difficulty in an aggressive way, after it has really been taken out of the melons. The Taurus native can be quite destructive when he is threatened with the security or integrity of himself or of people important to him. He is patient, but he becomes unstoppable once he has accumulated enough anger. Extremely jealous and possessive, Taurus can have violent reactions when he suspects his life partner of infidelity.


The Gemini native often resorts to verbal violence, but even physical violence is one step. He is upset when he is taken over, when his intelligence is insulted or when they are also verbally attacked. Being a master of words, he can insult exquisitely but sharply. He is in no hurry to resort to physical attacks, but the flexibility of his thinking helps him to win the controversies and debates that are so dear to him and in which he gets involved just for the sake of winning. The Gemini native calms down when he finds another theme worthy of his attention or when he unloads on his friends.


Cancer, like all other signs of water, is a follower of mental or emotional aggression. He can be extremely quiet and closed, defending himself through his depression. He aggresses by instilling guilt. He can become a beast for his loved ones, but also when his past, feelings or memories are attacked. Cancer calms down by focusing on how others feel, talking about how they feel, or arranging personal space.


The native Leo becomes aggressive when someone questions his success, expertise, experience, skill and mastery. He gets very angry when he is put in inferiority. In rage, Leo is capable of anything; he can strike on the spot or wait for the right moment for the humiliation of the one who upset him to be as great as possible, he can attack emotionally or he can overwhelm his opponent with sweet words, disarming him. Sometimes he chooses to resort to physical violence, but he can also destroy through negative publicity. Leo is saved by creativity, moments when he focuses on the needs of others, and intimacy with loved ones, to whom he does not feel the need to “pose” non-stop in the king of the jungle.


Virgo rarely uses physical violence, her favorites being verbal corrections and emotional and psychic “hits” as a target. The harshest form of aggression of the native Virgin is, however, the one directed against her own person. The Native Virgin does not tolerate the disorder and lack of organization, as well as the indifference of people to her sacrifices. Its aggressive manifestations can range from physically accurate physical blows to well-concentrated bumps. He calms down when he carries out meticulous activities, to which he dedicates himself entirely due to his perfectionist spirit.


At first glance pacifist, the Libra native goes crazy when he is treated badly. He resorts to social aggression, punishing them by leaving them alone in front of enemies. He is able to use all relationships and knowledge to leave those who upset him without anyone around, ignored and helpless. He only acts verbally violently in extreme situations, but when he does, he will emotionally destroy his target. He becomes gentle after friendly discussions or after performing artistic activities, which highlight his harmonious side, but also when his image of being calm and indulgent is threatened.


Those born under the sign of Scorpio use all kinds of aggression, they would even be able to invent new ones, gladly giving lessons in physical, emotional, verbal, social or even sexual aggression. However, they do not attack in public, because they care too much about secrets. They like to “torture” slowly and surprisingly, when the target expects less. The native Scorpio is territorial, secretive, domineering and possessive. His aggression is attenuated when he finds another target or when they fall in love.


The Sagittarius native becomes fire and appears when his freedom is restricted or when an injustice is done to him. He is able to do justice with his fist, especially if he drinks excessively, but his aggression is usually calmed. He more often resorts to verbal violence, having the ability to become very inventive in ugly words. However, his supreme form of aggression is the attitude of ignorance. His travels and unconditional freedom of movement calm him down, as well as the prolonged discussions over a glass of wine, in which he plays the role of the philosophy teacher, talking about personal experiences and life lessons.


Capricorn’s aggression grinds silently, this native being the one who lurks in the shadows to make mistakes, but not necessarily to him, sometimes feeling obliged to apply corrections to anyone. It is cold and calculated, giving the impression that it is a robot, not a human being. He resorts to multiple forms of violence, expressing his aggression also through material deprivations, but also through the social isolation of the target. He can “hit” with sharp lines, but also with contemptuous looks. The Capricorn native calms down when he feels respected or even feared. Also, loneliness and prolonged walks help him to forgive and move on.


Aquarius invents new notions of aggression whenever he feels attacked his freedom of action or opinion. He may become physically and verbally violent, but he feels best when he controls his target. He strikes with his fists, but he also resorts to acid speeches. He gets irritated when his friends are threatened, feeling the need to do justice. The Aquarius native is tamed when he interacts with his best friends, who can guide him to peace or humanitarian causes.


The Pisces native is silent and does. His aggression is manifested in silence, often preferring to let others stronger and more authoritarian manifest. He is a justice, but he is silent. He easily feels betrayed by people and fate. He can become aggressive when he feels that he has slipped into second place or when he is deceived. He doesn’t punch, he doesn’t even understand physical aggression, so he’s often the first to give up. He calms down when he finds a destiny to correct or when he uses an extra glass of wine or a drug that sends him to another world, being weak and prone to vices.

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