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The hottest sexual positions for each zodiac sign

Each sign has different sexual preferences. While fire signs are generally very passionate and spontaneous, air signs are uninhibited and want to try something new, earth signs want intensity, and water signs are incurable romantics looking for spiritual connection, not just sex.

Find out the hottest sexual positions for each sign!


Aries is one of the most kinky signs. Being ruled by Mars, the native born in this sign is a person with an aggressive sexual energy. An Aries can only be satisfied by hard and intense sex. He usually likes to dominate, but he also likes the other person to move freely. Aries’ favorite position is doggy style, but he is willing to do any experiment in the bedroom, because he is bold and adventurous.


Taurus has an unstoppable libido, although at first glance he seems a very “good” person. A Taurus will surprise his half with incredible sex parties. It is very sensitive to fine touches and slow and intense kisses. She prefers positions that allow her to look into the eyes of her loved one when she has an orgasm. At the same time, Taurus is sometimes a bit lazy and prefers his half to do all the “work” in bed.


For Gemini, communication is everything, even in bed. They do not conceive of having sex without dirty talk and without having visual contact with the other person. Creativity in bed is essential for the natives of this air sign. They will opt for creative sexual positions in unique places.


Being ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a romantic sign, for which only love generates sexual energy. He often appeals to the missionary position because he brings his partners closer. Depending on his mood, Cancer will have either incendiary and hard sex parties, or romantic and slow. Most often, she needs an emotional connection to have an unforgettable orgasm.

The hottest sexual positions for Cancer:


Leo is anything but boring no. In the bedroom he seems to want to perform and is tempted by the most extravagant positions. He is an incredibly passionate person, who can bring anyone to the heights of pleasure (and he almost never disappoints). For Leo, nothing compares to a sex game in front of … the mirror, to be able to admire everything (or to admire himself?).


The calculated and cold person in everyday life, Virgo is a real beast unleashed in the bedroom. She has more fetishes than you think, and men in this sign have a very high libido, difficult to stop. Virgos prefer difficult positions, even some that involve little balance. You won’t see a Virgin choosing the classic missionary version!


Libra is one of the most romantic signs in the horoscope. She has a special sensuality and is a sign that flirts all day and loves the game of seduction. In the bedroom, Libra loves positions that create closeness between partners and allow eye contact. As long as it is in the arms of your loved one, Libra will easily reach orgasm.


There may not be a sign that loves sex more than Scorpio. He is ready anytime and anywhere to satisfy his enormous bodily desires and has such intense sexual energy that having sex with him is a unique experience. Scorpio loves unique positions, which offer intense sensations. At the same time, because he likes spontaneous sex, he is also a fan of positions for a quickie game.


Sagittarius is a sign that always wants to try something new in bed (or somewhere else, because he likes sex in the most unusual places). He is the kind who tears the clothes off you and takes you unprepared, but he knows how to bring you to the heights of pleasure through intensity and creativity. It’s a sign you can’t get bored with in the bedroom.


A rather conservative person in most situations, Capricorn is a rather cerebral sign and is not guided by primary instincts. However, when he is with his loved one, he can show a slightly more unleashed facet, although not taken to the extreme. Sex with a Capricorn may be unpredictable, but it is undoubtedly rewarding. Capricorn prefers classic positions, but will try something new from time to time.


This sign is the most eccentric of all and has the most bizarre tastes in the bedroom. For some people, sex with an Aquarius can be shocking, because you never know c

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