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Taurus Horoscope 2021

Taurus Horoscope 2021 foreshadows the direction of a renewed vision of the world and self, contests of circumstances conducive to travel and study, focus on friendships and partnerships, a generally happy love life, an intense professional activity and a lucky financial.

General forecasts

As reported by the website WiseHoroscope.Org, Uranus is until May and then, from November 2021, in Aries, in a transit that urges you to explore your desires, deep motivations, subconscious impulses, to reveal your spiritual side of self and universe.

However, you are drawn to a new, unique perspective on life and under the impact of Pluto’s journey in Capricorn.

You are inclined to redefine yourself as an individual, to open yourself to a high, high-perspective knowledge of the world, to review your essential goals, and to dedicate yourself, seriously, to their will.

You may be surprised that you are passionate about things, topics that did not attract your attention in the past.

It is possible to have a spiritual revelation, even a religious one! You have the opportunity to travel abroad, eventually to settle in another country, to meet interesting people from distant areas. Studies tend to give you extraordinary opportunities.

Friendship continues to have priority in 2021, thanks to Neptune’s location in Pisces.

You are always ready to lend a helping hand to your friends, comrades, and they seem to answer you with the same coin. You can integrate into a group with the same ideals, beliefs as you.

However, sometimes Neptune can play a party for you, cross your steps with those of people who, under the guise of friendship, want to take advantage of you somehow.

Also, watch out for your tendency to try your best to do good to people who don’t need your help or don’t want it!

Saturn encourages you and smooths your path to travel, learning, studies, broadening your horizons of knowledge. However, this planet does not allow you to waste yourself in such endeavors, forcing yourself, if you think fit, to focus on what is really important, to support you to evolve, to perfect yourself authentically.

In the first 10 months of 2021, Jupiter continues to traverse the realms of Scorpio, channeling you to partnerships from all planes of your existence. It seems that the most remarkable achievements of this year are favored by such human relationships, by associations based on a true communion of interests and feelings.

Mercury assumes a retrograde movement in Aries towards the end of March, sparking an inner conflict, a possible confrontation between mind and heart, between what your reason dictates and what you aspire to do, possibly even in the sentimental sphere.

On the other hand, Mars transits directly between March 17 and May 16, 2021 and then from August 27 to November 15, Aquarius, inspiring you with bold ideas and projects, having the potential to give an extremely advantageous turn to your existence.

However, between August 13 and August 27, 2021, the planet of war becomes retrograde in this astrological area, indicating the need to revise your utopian, unrealistic plans.

A remarkable astrological event takes place between May 15 and November 6, 2021! Uranus makes his way into Taurus, and tells you that you must make a major change. It is necessary to transform your life and / or self, so that you detach yourself from inertia, to find more chances to progress, to realize yourself.

A difficulty related to home or family can be seen between July 26 and August 19, 2021, as a result of the retrograde transit of Mercury in Leo. Be careful to avoid a dispute, a heated quarrel caused by poor communication with those close to you. Listen patiently to their steps and express your ideas and feelings clearly and eloquently.

On November 8, 2021, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, intensifying uranium change trends. An initiative to optimize your skills, talents, competence promises to facilitate a great achievement! You can show fierce perseverance, able to amaze your friends and family!

The planet Venus, retrograde between October 5 and November 16, 2021, has the ability to question the viability of a partnership or a professional action. Give yourself more time to relax, disconnect.

Love and couple

The sentimental life is happy, serene, promising, especially in the first ten months of 2021, when Jupiter is hosted in the Scorpio sector. If you have a partner, he seems to fully prove your attachment, loyalty, to be very receptive to your desires and needs.

If you are alone, you are inspired by the longing to be loved for yourself, for what and how you are, and not for what you can do for a possible partner. You have the opportunity to meet someone capable of caring for you in this way on the occasion of a social event or in a community animated by a high ideal. You can coagulate such an idyll with that person as you wish, that is, a serious one, far from superficial. However, until November 2021, a very auspicious, lucky weather is announced for engagements and marriages.

In October 2021, when Venus retrogrades Scorpio, you can still be affected by an argument with your loved one! Don’t make the mosquito a stallion and don’t allow small things to overshadow your love story. If you are lonely and tempted to revive a past love connection from the ashes, you seem to have little chance of success!

With November 8, 2021, Jupiter’s journey to Sagittarius is associated with an intensification of sensuality in couples, but also with a deep emotional sharing with the beloved being!

Mercury’s retrograde transit in the first week of December 2021 has the potential to sometimes cause a storm in a glass of water in the couple’s relationships. Don’t give in to unjustified jealousy of anything and try not to spoil your communication with your partner!

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