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Neptune Retrograde 2021

Between June 21 and November 27, 2021, Neptune is downgrading to Pisces. Its retrograde periods last five months and occur one year apart. So we have gone through the same type of influences in previous years, more precisely every year since 2011, also between June and November, and also in Pisces, which will continue until 2025.

Neptune is generally responsible for what is not palpable, what is above material things. Highly elevated, pure feelings, humanity, compassion, man’s connection to the universe, the human psyche, dreams, mystery, sacrifices, clairvoyance, are all related to Neptune.

Its influence is seen when it comes to things that are not concrete and that we cannot see and feel physically, effectively. Psychology, abstract thinking, empathy, imagination, inspiration, fantasy, spirituality, belief in the Divinity and in a power above us, all represent important parts of our daily lives.

But at the same time Neptune is the one that can spread the fog in our minds and that allows us to see everything in pink, even if the reality is completely different. He gives us the ability to see what is not, through perceptions, sensations and the desire to reach the ideal. Due to the fact that it can alter our understanding and vision, it can also bring us confusion, illusions, utopia, but also the desire to put something, an idea or person on a pedestal, and to idealize it.

Each of us feels these things to a certain extent, even the most realistic and practical of us. There is a side of us that makes us receptive, influential and impressionable, inclined to put someone else’s interests above our own. At the same time, it is human to look for things that can improve our mental state, that can create an ideal inner world where we can run away from reality and where we can dream even with our eyes open to something we want to be true.

Retrograde Neptune brings us a period in which the fog rises and clarifies things where our perceptions do not correctly reflect the truth. It shows us reality, enlightens our minds, takes us out of our dreams and actually shows us what it is. More about the retrograde periods of the planets here

Neptune in Pisces all the more urges us to overcome the physical, material world, due to the fact that it is in transit in its own home. More here

Because of this, Neptune’s demotion makes us land in the real world from a distance twice as long as usual. Dreams can crumble, we can no longer perceive our inner world as ideal, and people and ideas can fall from great heights, from above, where we have placed them in our minds.

On the agenda there may be disappointments and awareness of reality, we will be able to see the cause of the confusions and sacrifices we have made, and the truth is revealed to us as it is. Events and situations can shed light and indicate disappointments, which can also bring moments of self-pity, fear or depression.

However, at the same time, certain psychic abilities that we suspected we had could be clarified, we could perceive them, but we were not able to understand them, to indicate them and to use them exactly.

Being a slow planet, in principle these things can be seen much better in the general atmosphere by changes of conceptions and detachment from certain political ideologies, or revelations of secrets at national or global level. But we also perceive its influence in our daily lives.

Given that this year at the level of slow planets there is a tense aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, but also a positive aspect between Saturn and Neptune, these five months can be felt differently from other years.

On the one hand, squaring with Jupiter urges us to revise our idealism and adjust our principles, beliefs and judgment. Both are retrograde between June 21 and August 11, 2021, so the probability is quite high that during this period there will be major disappointments and changes of conception. Dreams and ideals can be ruined, people or relationships can disappoint us, and certain situations can make us discover truths and become aware of what is actually happening in reality. After August 11, we will have the opportunity to take concrete action to make corrections, depending on what we understand until then.

It is important that at least in this period of Neptune’s demotion we do not allow disappointments to take control of our lives, but to enjoy the truth and use this time for our own good, to get rid of ideas or habits that make us evil and to give up sacrifices in the name of an unreal idea, situation or person that exists only in our minds. Although it may not be easy to leave behind that warm state in which we indulged, we should understand that these things are part of life, being inevitable and necessary to evolve. The truth hurts, but even continuing to lie is not a solution. It is a good time to take advantage to understand how to progress and how to build our own future, what beliefs to adopt, what are our real possibilities to achieve ideals and how to reconcile dreams with reality.

Depending on the sign of the Sun or the Ascendant, in the coming months things can be clarified, certain events can indicate the reality, we gain the strength to return with our feet on the ground and make the necessary corrections for concrete progress, as follows:


understanding the reality of giving up, sacrifices, impotence, addictions, spirituality, faith; bringing to the surface some things hidden in the subconscious; increasing intuition and perceptions; clarifying the reasons for suffering; awareness of subtle and unseen connections with the Universe; disclosures of secrets; awareness of hidden activities, occult subjects and confidential relationships, protected from the eyes of the world.


understanding the reality of social ideals and the near future; awareness of dependence on community, social relations and groups; clarifying sacrifices in favor of society and in the name of utopian ideas; disappointments related to humanitarian ideals, spiritual groups and charitable activities; disappointments from friends; discoveries related to the circle of knowledge, popularity, associations and large-scale organizations.


understanding the reality regarding the success and the objectives to be achieved in life, career, professional direction and public image; awareness of the truth, disappointments and revelations of secrets related to social status and reputation; clarification of sacrifices to rise in the hierarchy; understanding that avoiding responsibilities affects social growth; discoveries related to professional relationships, superiors or authorities.


understanding the reality of judgment and moral, ethical, religious and philosophical principles; awareness related to studies, higher education, improvement, evolution and overcoming limits; disappointments related to travel and abroad; clarification of dreams, clairvoyance and premonitions; enlightenment regarding the future and spiritual truths; completion of legal issues; discoveries related to activities or long-distance relationships and on the internet.


understanding the reality of intimate or soul relationships; awareness related to loans, crisis situations, losses, emotional regeneration; awakening the capacity for investigation, the power to feel the truth and other psychic abilities; discoveries of secrets; understanding that obsessions and control affect inner balance; completion of inheritances or divorces; discoveries regarding financial funds or common goods.


understanding the reality of personal relationships; awareness of the dependence on collaboration, cooperation, coexistence and union; understanding the truth about known enemies and adversaries; clarification of couple and marriage sacrifices; disclosures of secrets and disappointments related to the partner or associates; perception of others correctly; completion of processes; discoveries regarding long-term contracts.


understanding the reality of service in the service of others, work capacity and physical effort; clarifying the sacrifices in the concrete help given to the others; awareness of the fact that the lack of routine and discipline of life, exhaustion through work and volunteer activities, affects health; finding a treatment for certain medical conditions; discovering truths related to working and living conditions.


understanding the truth about one’s feelings, love, romantic relationships and ability to create; awareness of the reality about the loved one; disclosures of secret connections; clarifying sacrifices for children or in the name of ideal love; disappointments regarding leisure, pleasures and amusements; discovering an artistic talent and native talents; enlightenment related to personal power.


understanding the reality regarding the source and cause of things, origin, parental home and own family; finding out some secrets related to the nation; disclosures of hidden defects related to the home or other properties; understanding that past memories and attachment affect the present; discovery of native psychic abilities; clarification of sacrifices to the family; awareness of one’s own intimate, emotional and emotional needs.


understanding the reality of the environment, basic education, people known nearby; enlightenment related to falsehood and utopia regarding known ideas, information, conceptions and mentalities; disappointments related to relatives, friends or neighbors; understanding that dreaming, imagination, intuition and compassion, but also the entourage, influence the way of thinking; awareness of communication skills and expression of ideas.


understanding the reality regarding the system of values, own resources, possessions and personal comfort; enlightenment related to one’s own value, talents and native abilities; awareness of the fact that the attraction to luxury and expenses depend on the mental state and is a means of escape; understanding that practicality, economy and material security are important; observing and clarifying intuition financially.


Understanding reality about one’s identity, life course, personal image, appearance and behavior; awareness that the emotions and energies of others, people met, certain environments and places affect vitality; understanding one’s own actions and their impact on others; clarification of sensations, perceptions, psychic and sensory abilities, idealistic attitude, impressionable and influential.

In conclusion, during this period it is good to be ready to face the moments of enlightenment and awareness of reality, to take advantage now to give up the illusions due to which we hurt ourselves, to give our dreams to concrete things and to understand that only through the choices we make will we be able to get where we want!

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