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How to make men suffer according to the sign

Men should not think too much about how to make women suffer, because they seem to have a real talent in this direction.

Women, however, have a very analytical mind when they want revenge on someone and will not stop until they bring at least a few tears in the eyes of the culprit.

Because the stars always have a say in human relationships, learn how to make men suffer according to your zodiac sign!

How to make men suffer


Because the natives like to lead or at least make the bosses with everyone, one of the most effective ways to make them suffer is to undermine their authority. These alpha males can’t stand being tuned by a woman (or anyone else), but if you can do it when you have as wide an audience as possible, be sure that Aries’ wound will be as deep as possible.


The man born in this sign does not seem to have many weaknesses (maybe apart from food). Suppose you don’t want to starve him – it would be a bit drastic, but just shake the lazy happiness in which he always seems to bathe. The most effective way to hurt the native is to let him know that he was cheated on and that the relationship was just a hoax (even if it’s the relationship with you or someone else).


It will be very difficult to disturb this seemingly unperturbed man. He laughs, smiles and jokes even in the most tense situations. He succeeds in this because he has two daughters, an aspect that many of his relatives probably do not know. If you want to make him suffer, you could warn his friends about it. A native of the Gemini sign can quickly reach an advanced stage of despair if he does not have many friends. On the other hand, he does it with his own hand, when people lie on their faces.


The question is not how to make a Cancer man suffer, but how NOT to make him suffer. It is child’s play to hurt these natives, given how sensitive they are. Even sarcasm can bring them down, so you can only make them suffer through acid words and reproaches about the past. However, it would be better not to exceed the limit if you do not want Cancer to fall into an irremediable depression.


the deepest wound of the native is caused by a well-placed blow, fixed in his immense pride. It is a general thing valid for all men, but in the case of this sign it is probably the most painful lesson he can receive. If you laugh at him, especially in public, or if you make him laugh somehow (which is not at all difficult how proud he is), you can be sure that he will suffer.


The man in this sign is not very emotional and has a sharp mind, so it will not be very easy to make him suffer. Fortunately, you can use his own weapon against him: excessive criticism. When the Virgo’s self-esteem receives a blow, the natives may have some very strong inner struggles. This is because, beyond all appearances of modesty, they have a very large ego and think they are better than everyone else – why else would they feel entitled to give life lessons left and right?


The native of this sign has a great weakness, which can be fully exploited – he cares a lot about what others say and believe about him. In fact, his whole life seems to be a big play through which he tries to win over his audience. So, an effective way to make him suffer is to spread a rumor about him. The fact that the people around him, close or not, are starting to have a bad opinion about him will grind him so much that no other revenge will be needed.


Many times, you will not have to do anything for a Scorpio to suffer. Men ruled by this sign have a great talent for causing countless suffering through their simple way of being: jealous, possessive, paranoid. What you can do to amplify their suffering is to nurture these states. Any suspicion that he is deceived, lied to or mocked will cause Scorpio to lose his mind and drown himself in an ocean of unhappiness.


One of the lesser known features of this fiery sign is that it has a bigger ego than it likes to claim. He seems to be unaffected by life’s problems, but when his reputation is at stake, he feels a real storm inside him. Like Leo men, Sagittarius will suffer deeply if they are ridiculed in public or humiliated in any way. Although they will probably laugh and make jokes about themselves, they will not like the situation at all.


the natives of this sign are particularly sensitive to financial issues. Every time they make a bad investment or lose money, they feel confused. A Capricorn is also a man of great words, which he expects from others, without exception. This means that he will suffer a lot when someone promises him something and he will not keep his word. But, if you stab this native, expect him to never deal with him again, because he will not forgive you.


although he is relaxed and very rarely really upset, Aquarius also has a weakness, like any human being. He absolutely always wants to be right and lights up much more than he should in various discussions. When he is defeated in a controversy, especially if it is on an important subject (ethics, politics, philosophy), he puts this to heart and feels more harmed than it should be. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to make this native suffer, because it is the most detached sign.


As in the case of Cancer, to make a Pisces man suffer is actually a flower in the ear. A mischievous word, an allusion to a mistake from the past or simply ignoring it when looking for you are some of the weapons you have at your disposal to upset this native. In a relationship, it suffers the most when it is not understood or listened to. When someone tells him the green truth in front of him, this gesture is transformed into a tragedy, and the Pisces native will retire, wounded, in his world.

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