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Gemini love horoscope 2021

Ever since your love planet Jupiter began traveling with Uranus, the love yida has been unstable. Exciting, yes; interesting, yes; full of sudden surprises, yes. But very unstable. This situation started in the second half of last year and continues in force earlier this year, in January. As Jupiter moves away from Uranus, little by little, love will stabilize.

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Love relationships have gone through tough tests. The solid ones have survived, but there have been plenty of divorces and separations among the Gemini natives.

This has been an especially interesting period of love for single Geminis, as they have been given more freedom to “go after the new.” Love came suddenly and could have suddenly gone too.

It is possible that you met a special person in this period; if you were single or single you could have married, although that would not have been advisable. Even now, if you are thinking about marriage, you better wait a few months to see if your feelings continue the same.

Whether you are married or single, it changed your entire social sphere. You entered a new group and interesting people came into your life.
This year we see another very interesting phenomenon. Jupiter, your love planet, is normally a slow moving planet; It tends to be in a sign and house for about a whole year. But this year it moves with exceptional speed; go through three signs and houses. Start the year in Pisces, your tenth house; Then, from January 22 to June 4, it goes through Aries (your eleventh house), and then it goes to Taurus (your twelve house).

This gives us important messages about love. First, it indicates that you go out a lot, that you have many love dates, that you alternate with different types of people, that you meet people in different situations. Love opportunities come to you in different ways. Your needs (and tastes) in love change relatively quickly. And if you are not like that, you get hooked on people who are.

This rapid movement of the planet of love suggests that you have a great deal of confidence in love and are moving fast towards your goals; You are also in “a buffet of various dishes and sauces”, already trying this delicacy, and that other one, checking what you like and please.

Last year there could be a wedding (and a divorce too) and this can still happen this year. However, we prefer next year for the wedding, especially if you are single or single and looking towards the first marriage.

You start the year with the same trends as last year. You are idealistic in love, but you also want a person of high position and category, a person who can help you in your profession; Yes, passion in love is very important, but you also want some worldliness (combination hard to find). While Jupiter transits through Aries (from January 22 to June 4) you wish friendship with the loved one; you want a relationship of equals, a person with the same mind and similar interests.

This period is also one of “love at first sight”; instantly you know if a person is the right one for you or not; This, of course, is exciting, fascinating, but your tendency would be to plunge into serious relationships too quickly; passion is intense at first but difficult to maintain in the long run.

After June 4 you become more moderate in love, more cautious (perhaps you have learned Jupiter lessons in Aries). You are idealistic again but you need some worldliness; you do not care if the loved one is a person of high position, but must be a good provider.

If you are looking forward to a second marriage last year you had fabulous aspects, and these continue into the first part of the year. If you are thinking about a third marriage you have beautiful aspects after January 22; a serious relationship may emerge. If you are looking for a first marriage or a room, you better wait until next year.

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