Thursday, February 25

Full Moon in Taurus 2021

A new Full Moon will occur, this time in the sign of Taurus, on the last day of this month. The astrological phenomenon will clear many waters where things have not been resolved for years.

The Full Moon phenomenon will bring a series of clarifications especially in the relations between the relatives. Some problems can be solved with the magic of the moon, especially where parents do not talk to their children, siblings or spouses.

The turmoil of recent months, caused by all sorts of astral events, and in the plane of reality somehow justified by the pandemic, will subside, as people will begin to realize that they are putting straw on the fire of a useless war, and the flames can lead to something really serious.

Aries will have a rather confusing end of the month. They have been waiting for some answers, especially professionally, and some, either late or not. These fire natives have to think that they can’t know the answers to all the questions, so they have to have a little more patience.

The bulls are in a slight slump due to their relationship with co-workers. They will do their best to stay strong, but there is a real chance that they will give up mentally.

The twins are upset every time the Full Moon is formed. They have insomnia, all kinds of dilemmas come to their minds, they see again and again their past life in their minds from the troubles of childhood to the failures of the present, and this brings them a permanent state of agitation.

Cancers are also quite anxious, but the cause will be very palpable: lack of money in the wallet.

Lions feel like dragons and want to solve other people’s problems, but forget that not everyone has the same landmarks as them. He should give up messianic syndrome. However, they have nothing to gain and no one will thank them for their help.
Aquarius falls at peace with family members

Virgos are put to work more than ever and are in a constant struggle to overcome their condition, to surprise themselves.

The balance sheets will end the month with some financial promises, which will reassure them because they have a lot of expenses to make.

Scorpios feel that the things they do are not well enough explained. He still has suspicions that he is playing at several ends.

Sagittarians need peace and security, confidence in their own strength. They are willing to give up certain things in order to regain their inner balance.

Capricorns put straw on the fire and wake up in conflicts that they can no longer extinguish.

Aquarius is among the natives who will get closer to family members with whom they were not on good terms, the same being true for people born in the sign of Pisces.

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