Monday, January 25

Aries love horoscope 2021

Your seventh house, that of love and marriage, is not a very active house this year 2021, Aries. This facet does not seem to be a primary interest compared to other things.

This lack of planetary drive gives you more freedom in this regard: freedom to forge your love life to your liking. But few people exercise their freedom when their interest is not in it.

A couple crying due to a broken heart illustration

Also, the fact that we don’t see the power in your seventh house indicates satisfaction with love life as it is. Therefore, there is no need to make drastic changes. So I suppose this is a year in which things in this sense will continue as they are. Married Aries will continue to be married and singles will tend to remain single.

The real action this year is in the facet of friendships. This has been the case for many years. It seems that friendship interests you much more than romance; and in this period friendship looks very interesting. New and interesting friends enter the picture; they are not “ordinary” people.

They are glamorous, unconventional people, people who lead a fascinating life, that you are going to share with them. The people you are going to meet now are spiritual and creative: yogis, musicians, painters, poets, computer engineers, journalists, religious pastors, seers or fortune tellers, actors, dancers, inventors, and spiritual channelers. Relating to these people is going to do wonders for your spiritual and creative life as well. The only problem we see is instability.

These people tend to be here today and leave tomorrow. They are like the wind, the one that you never know where you are going to blow. But this involves spiritual lessons as well: learning to cope with social instability; learn to accept sudden social changes. New friends come, and old friends leave. Social life is very spontaneous; it is always a kind of “now” proposition; It is difficult to plan for the future.
If you are single or single, logically you will go out in company and maybe you will even fall in love.

But marriage (especially if it is the first) is not in the cards. The social peak this year, that is, the period when romance is most likely to ignite and flourish and social life to be most active, will be from August 19 to October 23.

Given that your planet of love, Venus, is a very fast planet, that in one year goes through all the signs and houses of the horoscope, love, romantic and social opportunities tend to present themselves in different ways and in different places; It all depends on where Venus is at any given moment.

Furthermore, you are the type of person whose love needs are constantly changing, and this also depends on Venus.
If you have been working towards a second marriage, it is very possible that you were married last year, since the opportunities for serious romance were very strong.

This year 2021, marriage opportunities will be presented to you when you are working towards your professional goals, and with people related in some way to your profession. But to tell the truth, your cosmic aspects to this were much better last year than now.

Opportunities for serious romance will come your way when you are dedicated to your life and spiritual growth – in meditation seminars, spiritual retreats, or charitable functions or activities.

The marriage of parents or parental figures is tested. It seems to me that they will survive the tests and the marital relationship will improve. In general, this year the social life of parents is expanded.

The love relationships of children who are married (or in a serious relationship) will also be tested. Strong marriages will get over it, less solid marriages won’t.

Unmarried children may decide to get married this year; they seem dissatisfied with singleness. Aries need to search for people who are spiritually compatible, who are on the same spiritual wave. This is just as important, if not more, than all other compatibilities.

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