Thursday, February 25

5 zodiac signs that love a lot, but do not receive love back

Who are the natives whose feelings are trampled on every time? Are you among them?

The ways of love are tangled. Although some people are lucky enough to find a partner who treats them as they deserve, unfortunately there are some natives who are destined to be left alone. Here are the 5 signs that are cursed not to be loved back.


Aries falls in love very quickly, but suffers just as much from love. Why? Because they tend to fall in love with people who don’t pay attention to them or aren’t right for them.

Aries fights passionately to conquer their potential partners. He does not give up so easily and ignores the obvious signs that the other sends him, those of being left alone.


When you say Scorpio, you mean trust and lack of modesty. How? Is there anyone a Scorpio can’t have? Can’t conquer it?

The natives of this sign would do almost anything to conquer the person who fell on their trunk.

In the end, because he does not have the end he wanted, Scorpio will change his attitude to 180 degrees towards the person who is the object of his affection. They are very vengeful, and if he can’t conquer you, then never appear in the way of Scorpio again.


Bulls are used to always getting what they want and can’t stand to be refused. Like Scorpios, I don’t think there’s anyone to look at and deny.

That is why Tauruses usually stubbornly fall in love with people who are forbidden to them.

For this reason, bulls suffer terribly, because, regardless of their efforts, they end up left alone for a long time.


Pisces long for love. This is probably why he seeks the love of life in the most inappropriate places and, especially, in the most inappropriate people.

Pisces natives, when they fall in love, put their life partner above all else and for this reason they end up suffering, almost every time.

They want to be in love all the time, but they end up giving their heart too easily and then they are terribly consumed when they are abandoned.


You can’t ask the incurable romantic, who is Sagittarius, not to fall in love. When someone falls on his torso, he dreams with open eyes of a platonic and eternal love.

Sagittarius natives are not the kind to fight for their love, they are content with someone’s lover in secret.

Sagittarians get excited quickly about the opposite sex. They are spotted on celebrities, celebrities and they are the kind who will follow their favorite artist at the restaurant they frequent, just to admire him from a distance.

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