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5 Lucky Colors for 2021

As we know, the Chinese Horoscope is governed by animals and their order is as follows: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

The year 2021 that is approaching will be related to the Ox, that is why it is positioned in the second animal according to the 12-year cycle.

Although the Chinese horoscope begins in the Chinese New Year, which runs from late January to mid-February of the following year, we understand that when the year 2021 begins for us, it will already be the year of the Ox.

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For this reason, in the West we are beginning to find out in advance what the new year holds. We anticipate some of the predictions that are beginning to spread.

They say that people create their own luck, but to attract good and not bad to any area of ​​your life; work, academic, love, social or family, you can help you with the use of certain colors.

The colors of good luck in 2021 are called as such by the meaning associated with each one, which adds good energies, so we will mention them below, and we will give you tips to use them:


It is one of the colors that most represents good luck, this because one of the elements, such as clover, is of this color. Green is prosperity, balance, hope, inspirational and is even related to fortune.

Dress code: Wearing a green blouse or a small accessory like a shamrock necklace is a great way to add it. Home: painting a column of your home or alternate walls will be helpful.


Orange for its part is a vibrant color that does not go unnoticed, which has the ability to brighten the eye, being another of the colors of good luck. We talk about health, sociability, warmth and fun.

Clothing: a large amount of orange can be scandalous, so it is recommended to use it as a scarf, bags or accessories in general. Home: include it in your home with decorative elements where this tonality predominates.


Continuing with the cheerful colors, yellow is another that stands out as such, being energetic because it is present in a star such as the sun. It is widely positive for attracting luck thanks to its warmth, wealth and happiness.

Clothing: the beauty of yellow is that to a greater or lesser extent, such as blouses or dresses, they look beautiful. Home: play with the use of yellow in medium portions on the walls or as furniture accessories.


This is a color with good meanings wherever you look at it, making it excellent to implement in various ways for luck. White is goodness, purity, light, prosperity, peace, and, indeed, optimism.

Clothing: white is so versatile that it is used in hundreds of ways no matter what type of clothing we are talking about. Home: the same happens when it comes to placing it in homes, a simple fact.


This is the result of combining red and white, so their meanings balance out one another. Pink is the color of good luck that has great measure for being strong, passionate, peaceful and harmonious.

Clothing: not only used by women, but also by men, being perfect in dresses, blouses and jewelry. Home: great as a color for feminine rooms or decorative accessories in it.

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